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Spring Crafts 

We're spending at lot more time at home and everyone is trying to fine things to do around the house. Spring crafts to do at home bring us not only something fun to do, but a sense of accomplishment. I have 4 different crafts to share with you today and all of them are easy and lovely. Fist let's work is mason jars and spring flowers. 

Mason Jar Flower Centerpieces 

Almost everyone has some mason jars around the house, if you do this craft is perfect for you. All you need to do is wash your jars out and then choose some beautiful spring flowers, of your choice. Using light pastel colours offer that spring and Easter aesthetic.

flowers mason jar

Colander Planter 

Now this is a show stopper for you back garden, why not use what we have at home? There's no need to leave, you can simply find a colander that's no longer used and get it ready for some gardening.

The steps are very simple, you'll need half a yard of twine and moss to line the colander. With the twine, wrap the handles and don't leave any gaps. Once that's done, use glue to secure and then knot a yard of twine at each handle. Repeat this on both handles. Then take the moss and line the colander and finally fill with potting soil. Then it'll be time to plant.

colander planter

Crocheted Tea Towels 

Making simple little changes to items you already own can be such a refreshing feeling. These beautiful tea towels don't take a ton of work. All you need to do is add some lace to the edges and you're left with a unique and vintage tea towel. You can also use this idea on bath towels, dish towels, bedding, etc. Let your creativity free and get busy at home with this simple and sweet spring craft. 

crocheted tea towels

Bandana Hangers 

Get the kids for this one and some bandana's. You can do this in 4 simple stages and all you need are bandana's and little bit of patients. Start by folding the bandana in half and slip the hanger in between the fabric, so the bottom meets the fold.

Next, trace the shape of the hanger's arm on the bandana. You want to cut the fabric leaving room for the hook and a 1/2 inch hem on the side of the bandana facing up. Then fold the hem over the hangers arm, pulling the back side of the bandana up to meet it and secure with the fabric glue. Finally, trim away any excess fabric and you're done. 

bandana hangers

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