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Winter in Burlington, Ontario 

It’s true that moving in the winter comes with its own set of challenges, but with proper planning and organization, you can make the process smoother. The goal of this blog is to help you get ready for your winter move with some helpful tips and suggestions. 

Millcroft is a neighbourhood located in the city of Burlington, Ontario and it’s one of the most sought after places to live. Burlington experiences a typical Canadian winter, with cold temperatures, snowfall, and occasional freezing rain. Since the city is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the temperature can range from mildly cold to very cold. This means it’s important to keep your eye on the weather so that you can be well prepared for your winter move. 

It’s important to note that Burlington can on occasion experience "lake effect" snow, where cold air passing over the warmer lake water picks up moisture. This then results in increased snowfall in the downwind areas.

When it comes to the real estate market in Burlington, it typically experiences some slow down during the winter months. However, it's essential to consider that the real estate market is influenced by various factors and conditions can vary from year to year. With all of these factors and winter weather conditions, it’s a good idea to plan ahead! In the next section of this blog we’ll give some tips for packing for your winter move. 

Packing Tips for a Winter Move

Remember to plan ahead, stay flexible with your schedule in case of weather-related delays, and prioritize safety for both yourself and your belongings. Everyone wants their move to go smoothly and with this guide we hope to help you plan for a great winter move.

  • Check the Weather: Make sure that you keep a close eye on the weather forecast leading up to your moving day. This will help to anticipate any snowstorms, icy conditions, or extremely cold temperatures.
  • Protect Fragile Items: Colder temperatures can cause certain materials to become more brittle. In order to ensure that these fragile items are well-protected we recommend that you use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other cushioning materials. You might even consider using extra layers for some more added insulation.
  • Using Plastic Bins: It's a good idea during the winter to use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes during your move. The cardboard boxes can weaken and get soggy in wet conditions, using plastic bins with tight-fitting lids helps avoid this outcome. Plastic is also more resistant to moisture and will provide better protection for your belongings.
  • Wrap Furniture: In the colder weather, furniture can be susceptible to damage. That’s why we like to recommend that you wrap your furniture in blankets or furniture pads to provide insulation and prevent scratches – this is particularly important for wooden furniture.
  • Keep Your Essentials Separate: Make sure that you pack a separate box with essential items such as warm clothing, toiletries, medications, and other important documents. This will prevent you from having to search through multiple boxes in the cold to find what you need.
  • Protect Electronics: It should be noted that electronics can be very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Wrapping them in bubble wrap is a great way to prevent them from being damaged, you might also want to consider using insulated padding. If it’s possible, you should transport them in your own vehicle to maintain a more controlled environment. 
  • Seal Boxes Properly: When packing for a winter move you should ensure that all boxes are properly sealed, this will help to prevent moisture from getting in. We recommend using heavy-duty packing tape to seal the seams securely. Consider also using plastic wrap or garbage bags for an extra layer of protection. 
  • Labeling Boxes Clearly: It’s always important to clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. By labeling your boxes clearly, it’ll help make unpacking much more efficient, especially if you need to locate specific items quickly in the cold.
  • Keep Shovels and Salt Handy: We all know that in the winter you always need a supply of salt and shovels nearby. If there's snow or ice on the ground you need to be prepared to clear a path from your home to the moving truck. Keeping shovels and salt on hand to prevent accidents and also help the move to move smoothly. 
  • Hire Professional Movers: If it’s possible, we recommend that you consider hiring professional movers who are experienced with moving in winter conditions. They'll have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle the challenges that come with moving in cold weather.

It’s important to remember that Burlington is located in Southern Ontario and can have some weeks and months of snow. There can also be the occasional snow storm, so being prepared for your winter move is so important. 

We should also note that it’s important to know that specific weather conditions can vary from year to year. This is why it’s advisable to check the local weather forecasts for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, we believe that being prepared for winter conditions is important not only for your winter move but also for daily life in this part of the country. 

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The real estate market in the Burlington area can vary when it comes to the winter months. While there can be fewer transactions, people who are actively participating in the market during the winter are often much more serious about buying or selling. It’s a smart idea to keep an eye on the market as it’s changing from year to year during different seasons. 

To learn a bit more about this great community and its location – Millcroft is situated in the northern part of the city and bordered by Upper Middle Road to the north, Appleby Line to the east, Walkers Line to the west, and the Hydro Corridor to the south. Making it an ideal location for those who are commuting into Toronto for work but want to live outside the city. The easy access to the highway makes this area a commuter's dream neighbourhood. Millcroft also features many beautiful green spaces and trails, contributing to its appeal as a comfortable and attractive community within Burlington.

At We Sell Millcroft, we specialize in this particular neighbourhood because it’s the most sought after in the city. Have you ever wondered what your home might be worth? Knowing this information can sometimes help you in your search, try out our "What's My Home Worth" calculator. You can reach The VanDinther Team by either phone or email at any time. In order to contact the team by phone, please call 905-330-2002 and email directly to

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