Our New Print Ad for We Sell Millcroft

 Monday, February 5, 2018     unknown     General

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Check out our new print ad, we're planning to distribute these around!

Some Interesting Real Estate Stats for 2017

 Wednesday, January 3, 2018     Lori VanDinther     General

We got some interesting real estate facts for 2017 to share with you. These stats are coming from NAR - The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. America's largest trade association, representing 1.3 million members, including NAR's institutes, societies, and councils, involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries. They provide the latest real estate research and statistics that affect the industry.

Let's look at some of their findings...

1. Where do buyers come from in 2017?

According to the report almost half of buyers come from the Internet, and a about a third come from the Real estate agent. The rest is coming from the yard sign, then friends and relatives..  only 1% came from print newspaper advertisement.

Where do buyers come from in 2017 stats

2. What information sources were used in home search in 2017?

It seems that 95% online websites, 89% Real estate agent, 74% mobile search engine, 52% open house, 48% yard sign, then the rest.

What information sources were used in home search in 2017

3. What was the usefulness of the information sources in 2017?

Online websites were 88% useful, Real estate agent 79%, mobile search engine 76%, online video site 56% and 47% home builder.. only 40% found open house useful.. and yard sign only 34%.

Usefulness of information sources in 2017

This indicates that having a strong online presence, with videos and being represented by a Real estate agent will be success key factors you need when selling your home.

Why Wouldn't You?

 Monday, September 18, 2017     Lori VanDinther     General

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Everyone is telling me, "Lori you have to blog". My response, of course is, I know, I know.
I have been trying to think of a good, organic topic and then step out of my comfort zone to get this done, but kept stagnating.
So, this post is about my fear of blogging. Oh, and of course about our new Millcroft Community focused website!
Hey, wait maybe they should be two different topics. This way I can write two very original blog posts. But I am already over my fear of blogging as I type this, therefore that is old news.

Over a year ago I had an idea "WeSellMillcroft.com" and we are super excited to announce it is ready to go live!

Millcroft is such a fabulous community to live, work and play in. OK, I may be a little biased, having lived here for many years (many of the reasons I thought would be good to share). So in putting together our new site, the focus was not just on real estate but the community as a whole.

The amenities, schools, the people, the families. Did I mention how AWESOME the people are that live in Millcroft?
The goal is for our website site to be of great value for those already established in the Millcroft area of Burlington and those looking to make Millcroft their home.
We will do our best to keep information well updated and we encourage you to provide feedback, share your ideas/stories and post your events!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to reach out to me anytime. Why wouldn't you?

We Sell Millcroft Team