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In March 2019, Burlington saw an increase in the number of sales as indicated in the above chart, Residential Market Activity. There were a total of 258 sales for the month with the average price of a property being $738,839. This of course includes the Millcroft neighbourhood and it's important to note that this blog will cover Burlington and the neighbourhood of Millcroft. 


When you look at the above chart, Average Residential Price by District, you can clearly see that Millcroft is in area 35. For the month of March 2019 Millcroft had a total of 77 sales. When compared to the same time last year it's clear that there was an increase in sales. Making it the strongest area in Burlington and the most popular. An average home in Millcroft was $646,084 last month.


When we review the above chart, Burlington Residential Table we can see that Burlington had a great month. March 2019 saw an increase of 7% in sales activity with a total of 258 sales and a total of 430 new listings. And an increase of 15% in the number of active listings or 500 for the month.

And the average price of a property was $738,839 indicating to us that there was a 0% difference to March 2018. The Millcroft neighbourhood plays a strong role in the total for the Burlington numbers. 

RABH Statistics for March 2019

All of the stats were provided by RAHB. This month we saw a 1% drop from March 2018 with a 40% increase over February 2019. And the stats are indicating that there was a 74% increase over January 2019, these numbers are great for the spring market. The average home saw a 4.9% increase for the RAHB area at $575,099 from March 2018.

“The increase in the number of sales from January and February shows that we are full steam ahead and anticipate a healthy spring market. We experienced a 2% increase in the number of listings over last year, which means more overall choice for buyers.” – RAHB CEO George O’Neill

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